---Our Church

The Living Bread Ministries humbly began as a home bible study group in Long Beach, California.  Our founding Pastor, Ganny Eco and brother Greg Obrique, together with their families held weekly bible studies in their homes and slowly grew believers in Christ week by week.
In 1989, Pastor Ganny affiliated the bible study group with Calvary Chapel South Bay.  From 1989 to 1992, they began Sunday afternoon worship services in a smaller sanctuary, then moved to the main sanctuary as Sunday service attendance increased and members began to invite family and friends to share God’s word.  The Living Bread Ministries was formed in August 1993.  Due to the change in affiliation with Calvary Chapel, Sunday church services moved to the Radisson Hotel in Carson, California.  Over 70 Sunday worship services were held at the hotel.
In early 1995, Pastor Ganny was called to start Hope Christian Fellowship in San Diego, California.  So on February 5, 1995, Pastor Max Villarin was called to serve as Head Pastor and held the first worship service at a new location in Carson.
In September 1995, Pastor Max, the board of elders and members of the congregation prayerfully voted to affiliate with the Wesleyan Church.  Its main goal was to put The Living Bread Ministries under accountability and the guidance of an established church with long history of zeal, sound teaching, outreach and leadership.  The Living Bread Ministries is currently under the jurisdiction of the Pacific Southwest District of the Wesleyan Church.
Since then, The Living Bread Ministries in Carson grew its membership and attendance and has once again outgrown its facilities.  Through God’s blessings, in July 2012, we purchased the new Harbor City location we are currently in.
By His grace, The Living Bread Ministries strives to be a church in the 21st century – culturally relevant and ministering to the present generation, teaching and preaching the same gospel message and helping members to love and follow Christ.